About NoMi Quilts

As a high schooler, I made my first simple, patchwork quilt for a school project related to the Grapes of Wrath.  It was based on the principle that quilts were made from any scraps of fabric and cloth that were available to these women who had nothing.  Quilts, at their very core are a practical and functional item.  But they can also be beautiful and there is beauty in their practicality. 

I believe that quilts carry both collective and individual memory and connect generations.  We connect to the past through the craft of making and to the future through the production of heirloom items.  

There is also a persistent quality of quilts that involves community.  A community of gathering, gifting, teaching, passing along tradition.  North Minneapolis has been my home for 10 years and NoMi is the shorthand name for our community.  This neighborhood has shaped me in innumerable ways and making vibrant quilts within this community is important to me.

I am inspired by my travels, by nature and by the generations of quilters that came before me. I am proud to make simply designed but densely patterned and spirited quilts.